Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I drift in the gray spaces
Between my desires and realities,
Seeking the path that leads
From the unreal to the real.
I want to make my dreams something tangible.
These are not the fabrications of ego,
These are my true heart's desires.
Look within,
What does your heart truly desire?

I seek to escape the darkness,
Drawn naturally to the light.
How do we find the way,
From the clouded twilight of our unrealities,
Into the pure light,
That shines from within every soul?
What is your gift, your light?

Sometimes it seems I am scarcely living at all
so trapped by ego expectations,
The idea of compassion for self, alien.
Sleepwalking through existence,
So focused on future,
I can't see now--
But now is upon us,
Are you present?
Are you here?

Dreams need not be elusive.
They do not exist solely in the mind.
It is for us to seize them,
Pin them down,
Make them concrete.
What does your heart truly desire?

Leave the realm of dreams
and make your greatest wishes your reality.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grace in the Transitions

Lately, I find myself running from here to there with scarcely a second to breathe and I am reminded: we can either surrender to stress or transition with grace. My hope is to always transition without a hitch, without worry and without anxiety.

We practice these transitions all the time in yoga. In a vinyasa class, we learn to link breath and movement. In vinyasa, the posture never ends. The same is true with life. We will never find our lives without changes or transitions, but it is how we react to these adjustments that matters. Even off our mat, we can look to our breath to smooth our way between one activity and the next.

Today when you practice, I encourage you to play with the transitions between your yoga postures. Use breath as your guide and never allow the flow to cease.